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Time : 2h 2min – Documentary, Music, Popular – 26 October 2016 (UK)
Year: 2016
Country: UK
Director: Mat Whitecross
Actors: Paul Arthurs, Christine Biller, Mark Coyle
Quality: BDRip
Size: 1 GB
S I N O P S I S :

For some, the Oasis boys were the be all and end all of 90s music culture. The boorish Gallagher brothers, along with their bandmates, defined a lot of the 90s music scene and set the style for their raucous behaviour and top tunes. But it was always Liam and Noel whose attitudes set the scene, and their clashes caused plenty of tabloid headlines and were the stuff of copy-writers’ dreams. They were the yin and yang to each other, or as Noel puts it in the doco, he’s a cat, Liam’s a dog and never the twain shall meet. In fact, one early piece of footage talks of them as Cain and Abel, a comparison that speaks to their arrogance and belief in more ways than one.

So, this doco with its rather succinct use of voiceovers looks to explore the mythos and the inevitable car crash that Oasis were after they burned so bright and ultimately, imploded under the weight of their own legends. Assembling pictures, footage and soundbites (that tend to favour Noel Gallagher, perhaps one of the perks of being an executive producer), Whitecross does a perfectly good job of capturing their rise from the council estates of Manchester to the echelons of performing at Knebworth. Injecting the whole proceedings with the lads’ laconic humour proves to be a big boon here and gives the piece a pace that’s matched only by the band’s blistering performances which are scattered throughout.

Oasis: Supersonic

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